Cookie Policy


Cookies are plain text files containing a small amount of information saved on the computer or mobile phone of the user visiting a website. When the same website is visited again after the first submission, the cookies are sent once again to the website that created them (first-party cookies) or to another website that recognizes the mentioned cookies (third-party cookies). Cookies are useful because they enable another website to recognize a user's device.


Cookies allow a website to "remember" its users on their first visit (thanks to the "temporary cookie") or on subsequent visits (using the "persistent cookie").

Cookies can fulfill multiple functions: Some are necessary and allow users to navigate effectively among the pages by enabling them to set and save their own preferences and, more generally, improving and optimizing their navigations on a website.

Users can disable or remove cookies from their browser at any time, but these actions may prevent access to some parts of the website and make the website less functional for navigation.

Cookies are used for some purposes such as providing you the content in line with your interests. Our website cannot be held responsible for the submission of information to our website by persons under the age of 18 without the permission of their parents or guardians.

Our users should include their contact information (such as name, address, telephone, e-mail address...) in the contact form of our website. The contact information we receive with this form is used when we need to contact our users. Our users can make their records delete from our system upon their requests. Statistical and profile data are also collected within our site and used for all desired cases. These data are used in cases such as monitoring visitor movements or providing personalized content. Your user information shall be kept confidential and not be shared with third parties.